Slips & Falls At Work

Slip and falls at work can cause lasting physical and emotional damage and should not be taken lightly. Seeking help from Pitts & Polizzi Law Firm of NJ after suffering a work-related fall is the most prudent course of action. Our firm understands the severity of such an event and will zealously fight to ensure you receive proper compensation for your injuries. Collecting evidence, filing a claim, negotiating with insurance companies – Pitts & Polizzi has extensive experience doing all these and more.  We will work to get you results that are fair and just.

Don’t let a work-related slip and fall go without proper attention. Pitts & Polizzi are standing by to help.

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If you are the victim of a work injury, call us when you can.  We can guide you in the proper steps to take depending on your specific case.

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We have 30+ years of experience as personal injury attorneys who work specifically with these types of cases.

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Our mission is to provide comprehensive representation and to get the best results for clients.

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Our vision is that through helping our clients we are able to get them the compensation they deserve.

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