Slip & Fall Accidents

Pitts & Polizzi Law Firm has dedicated many years to helping victims of slip and fall accidents receive the proper justice and compensation they deserve. With over 30 years of experience dedicated to personal injury, Pitts & Polizzi is an experienced asset for anyone suffering from sudden disability due to a slip and fall accident. Our firm provides dedicated legal guidance and has the experience and success it takes to improve the quality of life of our clients. Please contact Pitts & Polizzi Law Firm for sound legal advice and compassionate support where it matters most.

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30+ Year Experience

We have many years of experience in the area of personal injury and slip and fall accident cases. We are your best option when it comes to slips and falls in New Jersey.

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Our mission is to provide comprehensive services to victims of slip and fall accidents and other wrongful injuries. 

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Our vision is to help you get your life back and get the compensation you deserve for your accident.

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